best pet for a kid

14 best pet for a kid

People’s lives are very busy nowadays, and some parents don’t have much time to accompany their children, so now many children follow their grandparents, and they will inevitably feel a little lonely in their hearts. Therefore, some parents will buy some pets for their children. So what pet is best for a kid to keep?

14 best pet for a kid


dog for kid
Dogs are domesticated from wolves. As early as the hunter-gathering era, people have domesticated dogs as assistants during hunting. Therefore, dogs are considered the earliest domestic animals domesticated by humans. Dogs are called "the most loyal friends of mankind" and are the pets with the highest raising rate, with a life span of about ten years.

Dogs are very loyal to their owners, rely on them very much, and will not harm their owners. We all know that children are always accustomed to using hands and feet, but if you have a dog, it will not harm the owner and the child, and even protect the child.

The tortoise belongs to the genus Tortoise of the family Turtles, and is also called golden tortoise, mud tortoise and mountain tortoise. In the taxonomy of animals, it belongs to the order Reptiles, Turtles, Turtles, and is one of the common Turtles. Most tortoises are carnivorous, feeding on worms, snails, shrimps and small fish, as well as the stems and leaves of plants. Children have a playful nature and will not always take care of their pets. The tortoise is also not as difficult to feed as other animals, it is easy to feed, and it can be fed once a few days without any thought.

3. Hamster


Hamsters are small to large, compact rodents. The tail hair color is quite different, generally gray, gray-brown or sandy brown. The original hamster has a brighter color, reddish-brown on the back and black on the abdomen. The hamster is small and so cute that almost any child can't move away when he sees it. It is precisely because of the small size of the hamster that it can cultivate children's love and patience. Hamsters are also very convenient to raise, as long as you buy a small nest for it and put some food on it. And you don’t have to worry about its hygiene, don’t worry about bathing it, just buy some bath sand, they know how to bathe themselves.

4. Chinchilla

South American chinchillas belong to the Chinchilla family of Mammals, rodents, suborder Porcupines. They are native to the Andes Mountains of South America and have an average life span of 10 to 20 years. Because it resembles the Totoro in the movie TOTORO created by Hayao Miyazaki, it is nicknamed "My Neighbor Totoro" by Hong Kong people. The existing breeds are short-tailed and long-tailed, and long-tailed chinchillas are generally kept as pets. Vegetarian animals, the staple food is Chinchilla food and Timothy grass, and they need to grind their teeth frequently. My Neighbor Totoro is very docile. Even if it gets angry, it won't hurt people. It has a good temper and it doesn't always bark. It's very suitable for children.

5. Rabbit
Rabbits have long tubular ears, clustered short tails, and strong hind legs that are much longer than the forelimbs. There are 43 species in 9 genera. East Asia, South, Africa and North America have the most species. A few species are distributed in Europe and South America. Some species are widely distributed or introduced into many regions, while many species are very limited in distribution. You can also choose mini rabbits or lop-eared rabbits. Moreover, rabbits do not bite people, as long as they are not wild, they are very docile and very suitable for children to raise.

6. Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs, also known as guinea pigs, are tailless rodents, compact, stubby, with a large head and a short neck. They have small petal-like ears, located on both sides of the top of the head, and have small triangular mouths. The limbs are short. As a result of selective breeding, there are 20 different phenotypes of hair color, and there are 13 different phenotypes of hair texture and length. Guinea pigs are vegetarians. They have no special requirements on food. They are healthy and hard to get sick. It is medium in size, not too small like a hamster, nor does it grow to a large size like a rabbit. It is more suitable for playing in the hand. It is awkward and cute, unlike hamsters or squirrels that cannot be caught once it runs. It is very suitable for children to raise.

7, pet mink

pet mink
The domestication of the modern pet mink started more than two hundred years ago, but as early as 3000 BC, family-raised mink had appeared in Egypt, and it was bred together with European Persian cats. Later, during the Crusades in the 11th century, the mink was brought to Europe as a species of practical value. In the 16th century, minks were shipped from Europe to the United States to curb the growth of rodents. People released them from cages to chase voles in hiding. Pet minks are very active, highly curious and very flexible animals. Their life span is also longer than that of most small pets, about 8-10 years old. They can have more time to play with the children.

8. Teacup Pig
Teacup Pig
The teacup pig is a kind of miniature pig, which is a cross between Tamworth pig and Gloucestershire flower pig. The piglet is only the size of a teacup. The mini "teacup pig" has become the new favorite of animal hobbyists. In October 2009, a mini "teacup pig" swept the UK and became the new favorite of animal hobbyists. This piglet is only the size of a teacup and is a cross between a Tamworth pig and a Gloucestershire flower pig. The cultivation of "Teacup Pig" is quite cumbersome and the success rate is very low. Even if they grow up one day, the size of this pig is much smaller than that of ordinary pigs, and generally does not exceed the size of a Cocker Spaniel.

9. Squid mouse

The squid, also known as the cow white rat, has a black and white coat color like a cow. The most common hair color is chocolate or black from the forelegs to the head. It is called a turban. The back is mostly white but with black spots or a black hair in the middle. The long tail is close to the length of the body, and there are often black patches on the tail. Since childhood, he has adopted people, and generally the male flowers are more docile and easy to train. There is no need for us to bathe them. Squid rats love to clean very much. After drinking water and eating, they will clean themselves up. Chipmunks have a very docile temper. If it is not for scratching them, they will not bite under normal circumstances.


Goldfish originated in China and is also called "golden crucian carp". It is similar to carp but it has no barbs. It is an ornamental fish evolved from crucian carp. There are many varieties of goldfish, the colors are red, orange, purple, blue, ink, silver, white, five flowers, etc., divided into four major strains: literary species, grass species, dragon species, and egg species. In the history of human civilization, Chinese goldfish have been with humans for more than ten centuries and are the earliest species in the history of world ornamental fish. Goldfish have a strong ability to adapt to water. The water temperature is as high as 30 degrees in summer and can survive the short 0 degrees in winter. Just use the tube to change the water and feed, and the goldfish are beautiful and beautiful, they won't mess up the house, and don't need someone to accompany them.

They are fun and interactive in nature and look very beautiful. They come in various sizes and colors, and parrots have a long lifespan. Some species can live as long as 80 years or more. Why are parrots very suitable for children to raise? It is because the IQ of parrots is equivalent to the age of four. They are very sociable and like to eat nuts and salted biscuits and other foods.

Ferrets are very active, highly curious and very flexible animals. Their life span is also longer than that of most small pets, around 8-10 years old. They are not very comfortable with being kept in a cage all day long. They should be released to play or play with children whenever they want.

Gerbils are social animals. They are quite cheap and must be treated with care because they are very fragile. There are many species of gerbils, and, unlike hamsters, gerbils are not nocturnal. Like hamsters, their lifespan is very short, only 3 to 4 years, so be prepared.

Hedgehogs are very cute little animals. They are solitary animals and eat food such as eggs, crickets, fruits, vegetables, and cooked meat. Although there are thorns, just pay attention. In addition, hedgehogs need to bathe frequently and are more susceptible to diseases than other animals, so take care of them carefully.

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