Collection: baby toy for 8 months old

8-months-old babies need many styles of toys. They are full of curiosity about the outside world. They have obvious curiosity and desire to explore for bright colors and loud sounds. Babies of this age are the critical period for the development of big sports, so you can choose some toys that push and run to help your baby learn to crawl and learn to walk. It also includes electric toys that emit light and sound or playing pitching can also promote the baby to learn to crawl, which is beneficial to Learn to walk earlier.

Eight-month-old babies also prefer toys with sound, such as rattles and sand hammers. You can also play Jenga for your baby, recognize colors, recognize sizes, and have a preliminary concept of volume and volume. The tumbler is also a good toy. Let the baby explore by himself, shake the tumbler, find fun, exercise rhythm and balance.