Collection: toddler toys for boys

When you are choosing toys for toddlers, be sure to check the applicable age recommended by the manufacturer. If you buy toys that are older than the appropriate age to play, it may cause harm to your child, because children at this stage are very I like to put small things in my mouth. The following are some toys that are suitable for toddlers to play with.

How to choose toddlers toys for boys?

  1. Operational toys. For example, large building blocks of various shapes and colors, or toys such as chatter and loops.
  2. Toys that encourage observation and classification. For example, toys with matching shapes, simple puzzles and combination toys can be used.
  3. Encourage the development of empathy and embraceable toys. Such as stuffed animals.
  4. Toys that can inspire imagination. For example, toy food and toy cars.
  5. Simulated toys. Toys similar to model vacuum cleaners or other tools can allow babies to enjoy the fun of imitating adult behavior