Collection: baby toy 3 month old

Toys for three-month-old babies include: 1. Grip toys. For example, building blocks, small leather balls, cars, small phones, etc. These toys can exercise children's grasping ability. 2. Brightly colored toys. Bright colors can attract your baby's attention and arouse your baby's interest. 3. Plush toys. Soft-textured plush toys can give babies a sense of security. 4. Toys that make sounds. The three-month-old baby begins to respond to sounds. For example, a small xylophone, a small rattle, a tambourine, a rubber toy that can squeak when squeezed, etc. The baby can follow the music and toys to move his eyes to exercise his reaction. Parents should pay attention to observe the baby's hobbies, and observe the baby's interest tendencies.