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There are many better and less controversial walking toys to assist the baby in learning to walk: for example, let the baby chase, let the baby push, and let the baby drag.
1. After the baby can walk while holding it, parents can squat in front of the baby, spread their arms or use toys to encourage the baby to come over, first take a step or two, and then increase the distance a little bit. After the baby dared to leave, parents can stand at each end and let the baby walk back and forth in the middle.
2. When a child learns to walk, he will walk with his arm first, and then he will walk independently. Even so, he was still swaying, his gait was unstable, and if he didn't pay attention, he would fall easily when he touched people or things. If you push your favorite toy to walk around, not only can it help the baby to stagger when toddling, but it can also prevent the baby from leaning forward.
3. After the baby walks forward more steadily, you can change the angle and try to drag the toy.

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