Collection: learning toys 6 year old

What are the learning toys for 6 year old children? 

1. Toys that develop the small muscle system and improve the coordination, accuracy and flexibility of various actions: skipping rope, rubber bands, table tennis, badminton, small leather balls, shuttlecocks, grenades, and small bicycles.

2. Toys that help enrich children's knowledge and experience, cultivate various skills, and develop children's intelligence. All kinds of dolls and all kinds of dolls' utensils, tableware, and furniture. All kinds of simulated livestock, poultry, and beasts; all kinds of transportation vehicles; all kinds of building blocks, inlaid structures, assembly structures, intelligence boxes, etc. All kinds of chess, backgammon, arena chess, checkers, desktop top, tangram, kaleidoscope.

3. Toys that promote children's interest in mathematics and the hobby of science: calculators, electronic calculation toys, cards, robots, electronic game consoles, remote control cars, etc.