What to do if the kid is too skinny?

What to do if the kid is too skinny?

What to do if the kid is too skinny?

1. skinny kid should see a doctor
If your child eats normally, you need to take your child to the hospital to see a doctor. Take a good check to see if there is a disease in the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract, and eliminate the factors of the disease.

2. skinny kid should be supplemented with nutrition
Give the child some necessary nutrition, let the child drink a glass of milk every day, supplement protein, and eat some meat, eggs, etc.

3. skinny kid should get rid of bad eating habits
Most thin children are due to poor eating habits, such as skipping breakfast, or picky eaters, to get rid of these bad eating habits, diet with meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition, and ensure three meals.

4. skinny kid should ensure that their sleep is not playful
To a certain extent, children’s sleep time and quality also affect their eating and growth. Children should not be too playful, play late, sleep in time, and have a good mental state, so that they can eat well and grow physically.

5. skinny kid should strengthen physical exercise
Children need to be active and exercise more, so that they can open their appetite, eat more, and naturally grow faster and stronger.

6. Children who do not like to eat should supplement trace elements
Consider whether it is caused by the lack of zinc and selenium in the body. The lack of zinc and selenium in children will affect the body's absorption of calcium. The fourth-generation zinc and selenium supplements such as Xinxi'an Gaojixing Tablets can be given to children appropriately. It is clinically proven that Xinxi'an zinc and selenium supplements can effectively solve the problem that babies do not like to eat and promote their growth and development.

7. The genetic factors determine the skinny of children
If the child eats normally, exercises, and has no disease, it is thin and weak. It is determined by genetic factors. See if everyone in the family is thin and weak. If it is, then it cannot be changed, as long as it is healthy.

Several types of thin body

Type 1: Small head, short stature, light weight

Most of them are inherited congenital constitution, genetic chromosomal defects, neurological problems, congenital metabolic abnormalities, congenital infections and other problems.

Type 2: The head circumference is normal, but the height is obviously shorter than others, and and the weight is lighter

Consider whether there is abnormal endocrine or bone growth. For example, the dwarf in the circus belongs to this type.

Type 3: Normal head circumference and height, but significantly lighter weight

It belongs to malnutrition, mainly due to insufficient intake (such as partial eclipse, caregiver negligence, etc.), digestion and absorption problems (such as chronic diarrhea), and some chronic diseases consume too many calories (such as congenital heart disease, tuberculosis, renal tubular acid) Blood disease), or heat cannot be supplied to the surrounding tissues (such as glycosidosis). If this type of baby has been unable to improve the underlying cause, the final height will be affected.

What is the reason why the child is thin

1. Eat too little
One reason why children are thin is that they eat too little, and the nutrients they take in cannot meet the body's needs. This is a common cause of thin children.

2. Chronic diseases
Lean children may have chronic diseases. Chronic diseases include gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory diseases, anemia, tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis, and intestinal parasitic diseases.

3. Indigestion
Thin children may be due to indigestion. Children with indigestion will lose appetite, weight loss, and short stature.

4. Genetic factors
The child's thinness may be caused by family genetic factors, which are physical reasons and does not affect the child's normal development.

5. Food selection is improper
The baby’s food does not have enough nutrition and energy to help him develop normally. For example, low-fat foods; low-calorie foods (such as artificial desserts); low-nutrient foods (such as junk foods, over-processed foods).

For this reason, we must pay attention to the balanced combination of food calories and nutrition. In addition, it is recommended to cook food with water as a medium, such as boiling, steaming, and stewing.

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