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Why do kids like to screaming? It's nothing more than these "4 reasons"

If you want to ask everyone about the most annoying things in public, 90% of people will think it is bad kids the most annoying.
Because in daily life, in restaurants, on trains, and in theaters, it can be said that all public places are indispensable for chasing and screaming bear children.

Why do children like to scream loudly? It turns out that these "4 reasons" should be corrected by parents as soon as possible

①Hope to attract the attention of others
Although many children are young, they enjoy the feeling of being watched by others.

Therefore, when these children go to public places and see people coming and going, they will often scream loudly in hopes of attracting others' attention. When the effect is not achieved, they will even keep screaming.

② Catharsis
Young children, like adults, have their own emotions at all times. Although these emotions are excited and angry, in the eyes of children, screaming has become the best way to vent their emotions.
Therefore, many children often scream loudly regardless of circumstances and occasions, precisely because of the need to vent their emotions.

③Express your wishes
Whether at home or in public places where people come and go, children often make some requests to their parents, but parents cannot unconditionally agree to every request of their children. When their own wishes are not taken seriously, young children often choose to scream loudly to express their strong wishes.

④The influence of family education
Children often take what their parents say to their ears, and many parents are used to increasing the volume of their speech to their children when they are disobedient to achieve a deterrent effect.
But this kind of family education will also affect children's cognition, they will think "loud" is correct, so children become accustomed to screaming or shouting loudly.

Children who like to scream loudly are of course unwelcome, and they can even easily trigger the anger of the surrounding people. Parents must correct them in time and not allow their children to develop.

How should parents correct their kid's habit of screaming loudly?

①Teach by words and deeds
If you want your child to become a gentle and polite person, the best way is to teach by your parents.
Parents should try to avoid shouting when disciplining their children. Instead, they should use a normal volume to communicate with the children so that the children will not become a person who expresses emotions by screaming.

②Appropriate punishment
For children who are used to screaming loudly, it is more difficult for parents to educate them. In order to achieve the effect of correcting the children, parents can appropriately punish the children.
For example, when the child screams loudly again, parents can let the child "face the wall" calmly and let the child realize his mistake.

So, how to deal with a child's loud screaming depends on the situation and occasion.

You can’t care about screaming at home, but the following kinds of public screaming will be disgusting. Just look at what these netizens say, and you will know how serious it is.

The first type, indoor restaurant
No one wants to hear a child screaming and crying while eating. It is even more dangerous to chase in a restaurant.

@ Netizen: Yesterday I was married for the 3rd anniversary, so my husband and I chose a restaurant with a good environment, very romantic, and not cheap. We chatted quietly while eating, and the music in the restaurant was also very pleasant, very pleasant! At this time, three children about 4 years old ran around in the restaurant and screamed loudly. The waiter stopped in the past, and the parents still feel okay. Many people looked at the family with disgust and left one after another. We couldn't bear it either. I belonged to the kind of explosion when I heard the child's screaming head, and it was very uncomfortable. I packed and left without eating.

@Netizen: At the time of the meal, the table at the back was not served. The child knocked on the table with his chopsticks and shouted that he wanted to eat. The parents ignored him and chatted next to him. My husband couldn’t stand it anymore and said something back. Be quiet! As a result, he was scolded until the end of the meal. Really speechless, the omnipotent argument is that he is still a child!

The second type, subway, high-speed rail, train, plane and other public transportation

On public transportation, children are really difficult to manage. Children are active by nature. Staying in a space for a long time will indeed be irritable, and it will most test their parents' ability to bring children. But under normal circumstances, as long as the parents carefully coax, the child can generally calm down.

@Netizen: Taking the subway in the morning, a four-five-year-old child screamed more than ten times in a row. The parents couldn’t help it. Finally, I yelled and stopped screaming. After a while, the child’s mother quit and said I yelled at the child. What was she doing? She said that her family had no quality. Later, I quarreled a few words, and the people next to me also persuaded me to say a few words less. I endured it and finished.

@Netizen: There is a child on the high-speed rail that keeps screaming. I have reminded his parents. His parents were very embarrassed to apologize to me, and then lightly said the child a few words, "Look at the auntie scolding you, you She will hit you if she quarrels." The child didn't listen, and continued to scream in its own way.

The third type, libraries, cinemas, hospitals

In places where quietness is required, such as movie theaters and libraries, if you want to take children over 2 years old to play, you really have to do your homework in advance, which greatly affects the mood of others.

@Netizen: I am very annoyed to hear children's calls in the cinema! Four or five years old know what to watch movies, and the parents who bring them in and yell and don’t care, and those who bring in under one year old, I also don’t understand.

@Netizen: The bear kids in the cinema are the enemies of life. They will make noise, talk, eat, and kick my seat. I really can’t help but want to slap my face, but I can only despise their parents in my heart. Regardless of.

This is not to denounce the bear child. I am also the mother of two children. I know very well that it is indeed a test to let a few-year-old child obey the common order and behave civilly. But in most cases, as long as the parents work hard to appease, basically You can stop screaming or screaming.

I'm afraid it is the kind that disturbs others and still feels okay. I feel that my child is young and others should let it. This kind of arrogant and reckless way of holding the child can't blame others for blaming or disgusting.

Children are a mirror of their parents. There are just as many children as there are adults. They are courteous and respectful, and children are generally not rude or uncivilized.

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